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Ashley & Billy Hitched : Louisiana

The Ashley & Billy wedding took place this past September and it was a great time had by all. I think they brought everyone over on a party bus, because when everyone was ready to sit down for the ceremony – you could tell everyone was just in a really ready to celebrate. It’s evident they are surrounded by a huge family/group of friends who love them tons.

I had so much fun doing their engagement session, then Ashley’s bridal session in NOLA, so I knew their wedding day would be a blast.

Below are some of my favorites from their day. Thank you again to Ashley & Billy for everything!

Ordoyne 1Ordoyne 3Ordoyne 6Ordoyne 9Ordoyne 10Ordoyne 12Ordoyne 19Ordoyne 23Ordoyne 41Ordoyne 54Ordoyne 59Ordoyne 80Ordoyne 91Ordoyne 96Ordoyne 133Ordoyne 135Ordoyne 139Ordoyne 142Ordoyne 145Ordoyne 149Ordoyne 157Ordoyne 159Ordoyne 161Ordoyne 170Ordoyne 174Ordoyne 192Ordoyne 211Ordoyne 219Ordoyne 225Ordoyne 228Ordoyne 236Ordoyne 258Ordoyne 271Ordoyne 285Ordoyne 300Ordoyne 308Ordoyne 338Ordoyne 342Ordoyne 349Ordoyne 350Ordoyne 368Ordoyne 370Ordoyne 382Ordoyne 391Ordoyne 401Ordoyne 410Ordoyne 423Ordoyne 433Ordoyne 442Ordoyne 446Ordoyne 447Ordoyne 450Ordoyne 464Ordoyne 466Ordoyne 468

Venue : Parc 73

Food : Park 73

Dress : Bustle

Bridesmaids Dresses : David’s Bridal

Flowers : Floral Cottage

Cakes : Ambrosia Bakery

Videographer : Ronnie’s Videos

DJ : BJ Souileau

Pastor : Ken Spivey

Photographer : Tate Tullier Photography

To view their entire album (and make orders if you see any you’d love for your home/or keepsakes) click here, or on the link provided below!

Thank you again to all for being amazing.

Karen - Awesome awesome awesome day and enjoyed the pictures

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Mich & Jason Married : Rochester, NY

Mich & Jason got married in Rochester, New York and when they chose me to be their wedding day photographer I was so excited about that….

1. Who wouldn’t want to shoot Mich’s wedding?

2. I never shot a wedding in Rochester before.

3. I knew I’d see so many fun faces I only get to see only ever so often over the years.

4. Again, who wouldn’t want to shoot Mich’s wedding?

I loved meeting Jason as well. I instantly saw the chemistry between the two and was really excited for covering their entire wedding day. I absolutely loved their venue at the Good Luck. They had a superhero theme that showed throughout their details (including their wedding invitation) so it was fun to have that incorporated into their photos as well.

Thank you again Mich & Jason for your investment. Enjoy these images for years to come!

These images below are some of my favorites! Enjoy.

MichJason 1

MichJason 14MichJason 22MichJason 24MichJason 35MichJason 42MichJason 45MichJason 49MichJason 50MichJason 54MichJason 67MichJason 74MichJason 75MichJason 80MichJason 84MichJason 86MichJason 91MichJason 97MichJason 107MichJason 112MichJason 116MichJason 120MichJason 127MichJason 141MichJason 147MichJason 151MichJason 153MichJason 168MichJason 170MichJason 176MichJason 181MichJason 202MichJason 219MichJason 247MichJason 249MichJason 252MichJason 261MichJason 263MichJason 266MichJason 277MichJason 287MichJason 289MichJason 296MichJason 308MichJason 309MichJason 313MichJason 320MichJason 321MichJason 330MichJason 334MichJason 335MichJason 355MichJason 357MichJason 377MichJason 379MichJason 384MichJason 390MichJason 396MichJason 401MichJason 403MichJason 412MichJason 416MichJason 422MichJason 452MichJason 457MichJason 474MichJason 483MichJason 487MichJason 496MichJason 497MichJason 500MichJason 511MichJason 513MichJason 519MichJason 523MichJason 527MichJason 529MichJason 531MichJason 534MichJason 546MichJason 547MichJason 549MichJason 550

Flowers: Arena’s Florist, Rochester, NY

 Venue: Good Luck Restaurant, Rochester, NY

Hair & Makeup: Pharaoh’s Hairum, Henrietta, NY

Comic Design: Paul Guo, Alexandria, VA

Printing: Shannon Connell, Rochester, NY

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew

Suits : Dick Anthony’s, Canandaigua, NY

Bridesmaid and Bride earrings: Kendra Scott Color Bar

Cake: Shana Chaffer, friend 

Cake Topper: IUBeGifts

Video : Lizzie Sorkin

Photography : Tate Tullier Photography 

To view Mich and Jason’s wedding day album click here or on the link provided below. Family, Friends, & Guests may order any from the TTP Gallery for any keepsakes you may want for your home.

tamara - what an amazing wedding! looks like it was a lot of fun— great pictures, love how you captured a lot of good moments :) congrats mich & jason!

tatetullier - Thanks Tamara! Miss you guys tons.

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Amanda & Logan Got Married in Florida

My cousin Logan and his wife, Amanda, had a gorgeous wedding day at the Emerald Grande in Florida and it was all absolutely stunning!

Below are some of my favorites from their special day and you can view their entire album at my TTP Gallery, and make any orders you may want for keepsakes.

Thank you again Amanda and Logan for having TTP!

Ballard 4Ballard 9Ballard 11Ballard 18Ballard 21Ballard 23Ballard 34Ballard 43Ballard 55Ballard 68Ballard 69Ballard 78Ballard 81Ballard 88Ballard 92Ballard 96Ballard 110Ballard 148Ballard 150Ballard 156Ballard 163Ballard 169Ballard 186Ballard 190Ballard 203Ballard 206Ballard 208Ballard 215Ballard 229Ballard 239Ballard 242Ballard 249Ballard 265Ballard 279Ballard 285Ballard 287Ballard 290Ballard 298Ballard 308Ballard 315Ballard 322Ballard 326Ballard 338Ballard 353Ballard 357Ballard 360Ballard 369Ballard 370Ballard 373Ballard 376Ballard 388Ballard 390Ballard 404Ballard 413Ballard 428Ballard 429Ballard 430Ballard 442Ballard 446

Details to come later!

Thank you again to everyone for being fantastic!

To view/order prints from via the TTP Gallery – click here or the link provided below.

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Chrissie & Jason Hitched : Texas

Chrissie and Jason got married over Labor Day weekend and we got to travel to Austin for it. We love Austin so much – we have several friends we get to visit every time we do a job there.

The entire wedding day for Chrissie & Jason was held at the absolutely gorgeous grounds of the Heritage House in Dripping Springs.

Below are some of my favorite images from their day and please be sure to check out their entire album over at my site. Link provided at the end of this entry.

Thank you again Chrissie & Jason! We had such a great time with you guys and the entire wedding look was a stunner.

Preuss 2Preuss 3Preuss 4Preuss 10Preuss 11Preuss 17Preuss 26Preuss 40Preuss 48Preuss 51Preuss 88Preuss 94Preuss 100Preuss 112Preuss 117Preuss 122Preuss 134Preuss 143Preuss 170Preuss 181Preuss 183Preuss 186Preuss 190Preuss 200Preuss 224Preuss 228Preuss 234Preuss 243Preuss 256Preuss 271Preuss 276Preuss 277Preuss 283Preuss 304Preuss 310Preuss 315Preuss 317Preuss 323Preuss 337Preuss 345Preuss 349Preuss 356Preuss 366Preuss 369Preuss 372Preuss 378Preuss 380Preuss 381Preuss 390Preuss 395Preuss 397Preuss 400Preuss 420Preuss 426Preuss 432Preuss 433Preuss 436Preuss 438Preuss 462Preuss 466Preuss 467

Venue – Heritage House Dripping Springs
Coordinator + Floral + Decor – Paige Smith with paigeOne Events & Pecan Springs Ranch
Cake – Sugar Mamas Bakeshop
DJ – Tunes Across Texas
Violinist – Jill Dailey with Musical Discovery
Catering – Creative Creations Catering
Linens – Marquee Rents
Lawn Games & LOVE Letters by Pecan Springs Ranch

To view the entire Preuss wedding day – you can click here, or on the link below. Orders may be made as well for keepsakes to have in your homes as well.

Thank you again everyone!

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