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Alice & Randee Hitched in Alabama!

Alice and Randee got married on the front porch of A’s parents home in a small town in Alabama. It was so perfect for them. Their reception was on the other side of the house!

I met Randee years ago when we went on our Class of 2003 class trip to Panama. I pretty much fell in love with her! I met Alice the weekend of their wedding, and fell in love with her too then.:)

Pretty much most of us slept on the grounds in the main house, an older home that once belonged to Alice’s grandparents, and tents! It was just a grand time had for everyone there.

Thank you again, Alice & Randee, for having us!

A couple of my favorites from their day here on the blog (you can view the rest on my TTP Gallery site).

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Details to come soon.

To view Alice & Randee’s entire wedding day, you can click here (or on the link provided below). You can make orders as well if you see any images you’d love for keepsakes.

Thank you again Alice & Randee & everyone else!

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