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Allison & Charlie Hitched : Austin

I was honored to be chosen by Allison and Charlie to cover their wedding day this past October right outside of Austin, Texas. It was an absolute stunner of a day for an outdoors ceremony.

I’ve known Allison and Charlie over the years through mutual friends so when they got engaged, I was really excited for them! Below are some of my favorites from their album. Please check them out and let us know what you think. I loved her colors – especially the orange (one of my favorites).

Thank you once again, Allison and Charlie!

Lombardi 2Lombardi 5Lombardi 6Lombardi 8Lombardi 14Lombardi 17Lombardi 21Lombardi 27Lombardi 28Lombardi 32Lombardi 39Lombardi 42Lombardi 47Lombardi 48Lombardi 53Lombardi 56Lombardi 60Lombardi 64Lombardi 67Lombardi 71Lombardi 78Lombardi 80Lombardi 84Lombardi 97Lombardi 100Lombardi 106Lombardi 113Lombardi 124Lombardi 126Lombardi 128Lombardi 129

Lombardi 139Lombardi 153Lombardi 155Lombardi 159Lombardi 163Lombardi 168Lombardi 179Lombardi 180Lombardi 186Lombardi 188Lombardi 191Lombardi 196Lombardi 201Lombardi 203Lombardi 211Lombardi 215Lombardi 218Lombardi 219Lombardi 220Lombardi 221Lombardi 226Lombardi 227Lombardi 234Lombardi 259Lombardi 269Lombardi 275Lombardi 276Lombardi 281Lombardi 290Lombardi 293Lombardi 297Lombardi 301Lombardi 308

Lombardi 319Lombardi 324Lombardi 326Lombardi 333Lombardi 335Lombardi 343Lombardi 351Lombardi 352Lombardi 358Lombardi 366Lombardi 369Lombardi 372Lombardi 373Lombardi 384Lombardi 385Lombardi 392Lombardi 396Lombardi 407Lombardi 416Lombardi 417Lombardi 419Lombardi 422Lombardi 431Lombardi 437Lombardi 441Lombardi 452Lombardi 454Lombardi 460Lombardi 464Lombardi 470Lombardi 475Lombardi 477Lombardi 487Lombardi 488Lombardi 491Lombardi 493

Details to come soon.

To view Allison and Charlie’s entire wedding day,  go to my TTP Gallery and check the images out! You may also order prints for your own personal keepsakes. 

Thank you again!

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