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Blair & Dustin Hitched!

I took a journey with Dustin to the Houmas House for a surprise proposal. 

I took some really great engagement photos of Blair & Dustin… and a couple of cows.

I took amazing bridal portraits of Blair at the Rural Life Museum with a couple of horses.

AND I took photos of Blair and Dustin’s amazing wedding day. It was beyond fantastic.

Thank you for having me do your special photos, Blair & Dustin!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites out of the entire bunch.

BlairDustin 42BlairDustin 50BlairDustin 53BlairDustin 59BlairDustin 62BlairDustin 64BlairDustin 66BlairDustin 67BlairDustin 69BlairDustin 70BlairDustin 75BlairDustin 78BlairDustin 87BlairDustin 92BlairDustin 93BlairDustin 97BlairDustin 105BlairDustin 107BlairDustin 122BlairDustin 130BlairDustin 135BlairDustin 144BlairDustin 150BlairDustin 153BlairDustin 184BlairDustin 222BlairDustin 225BlairDustin 230BlairDustin 240BlairDustin 244BlairDustin 263BlairDustin 264BlairDustin 275BlairDustin 277BlairDustin 284BlairDustin 285BlairDustin 286BlairDustin 299BlairDustin 302BlairDustin 305BlairDustin 315BlairDustin 318BlairDustin 323BlairDustin 342BlairDustin 346BlairDustin 352BlairDustin 358BlairDustin 363BlairDustin 367

BlairDustin 374BlairDustin 378BlairDustin 393BlairDustin 395BlairDustin 405BlairDustin 410BlairDustin 420BlairDustin 424BlairDustin 445BlairDustin 456BlairDustin 466BlairDustin 473BlairDustin 491BlairDustin 503BlairDustin 511BlairDustin 512BlairDustin 516BlairDustin 519BlairDustin 527BlairDustin 553BlairDustin 555BlairDustin 558BlairDustin 559BlairDustin 563BlairDustin 566BlairDustin 571BlairDustin 585BlairDustin 588BlairDustin 604BlairDustin 608BlairDustin 610BlairDustin 633BlairDustin 634BlairDustin 639BlairDustin 650BlairDustin 658BlairDustin 677BlairDustin 683BlairDustin 696BlairDustin 705BlairDustin 706

Church : St. Joseph’s

Reception : San Francisco Plantation Barn

Dress : Pearl’s Place

Bridesmaid Dresses : Bella Bridesmaid (Baton Rouge)

Tuxes : After Five

Makeup : Jenna Levert Kelley

Hair : Jordan Lemoine at Head Rush

Flowers : Julie Martine

Wedding Decor : Handmade by Blair’s mom, Tina Kaufman

Food : Catering Cajun of Louisiana (Wayne Stabiler)

Band : Chase Tyler Band

Photography : Tate Tullier Photography

To view Blair & Dustin’s wedding day head over to my TTP Gallery! You can order prints if you’d like using the site.

Thanks again Blair & Dustin, and everyone else for a great time had!

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Amanda & Kristen’s BIG ASS PARTY

Amanda & Kristen had a BIG ASS PARTY last November in New Orleans. It was an amazing time had by everyone present, obviously. They had a steampunk theme and even told us to take part, so we did!

I think they need to throw this BAP year after year, and I think everyone else in attendance would agree with me.

Congratulations Amanda & Kristen once again! Here are some of my favorites from their special day!

AmandaKristenBlog 3AmandaKristenBlog 5AmandaKristenBlog 7AmandaKristenBlog 9AmandaKristenBlog 11AmandaKristenBlog 19AmandaKristenBlog 27AmandaKristenBlog 40AmandaKristenBlog 44AmandaKristenBlog 50AmandaKristenBlog 53AmandaKristenBlog 58AmandaKristenBlog 62AmandaKristenBlog 66AmandaKristenBlog 68AmandaKristenBlog 70AmandaKristenBlog 83AmandaKristenBlog 89AmandaKristenBlog 93AmandaKristenBlog 95AmandaKristenBlog 102AmandaKristenBlog 116AmandaKristenBlog 118AmandaKristenBlog 124AmandaKristenBlog 129AmandaKristenBlog 131AmandaKristenBlog 133AmandaKristenBlog 139AmandaKristenBlog 142AmandaKristenBlog 150AmandaKristenBlog 157AmandaKristenBlog 158AmandaKristenBlog 163AmandaKristenBlog 165AmandaKristenBlog 169AmandaKristenBlog 173AmandaKristenBlog 174AmandaKristenBlog 176AmandaKristenBlog 180AmandaKristenBlog 185AmandaKristenBlog 187AmandaKristenBlog 194AmandaKristenBlog 197AmandaKristenBlog 199AmandaKristenBlog 201AmandaKristenBlog 205AmandaKristenBlog 228AmandaKristenBlog 229AmandaKristenBlog 231AmandaKristenBlog 237AmandaKristenBlog 238AmandaKristenBlog 239AmandaKristenBlog 245AmandaKristenBlog 250AmandaKristenBlog 252AmandaKristenBlog 255AmandaKristenBlog 257AmandaKristenBlog 263AmandaKristenBlog 272AmandaKristenBlog 280AmandaKristenBlog 281AmandaKristenBlog 317AmandaKristenBlog 318AmandaKristenBlog 323AmandaKristenBlog 332AmandaKristenBlog 335AmandaKristenBlog 336AmandaKristenBlog 337AmandaKristenBlog 343AmandaKristenBlog 345AmandaKristenBlog 347AmandaKristenBlog 352AmandaKristenBlog 358AmandaKristenBlog 370AmandaKristenBlog 379AmandaKristenBlog 380AmandaKristenBlog 387AmandaKristenBlog 396AmandaKristenBlog 399AmandaKristenBlog 402AmandaKristenBlog 403AmandaKristenBlog 405AmandaKristenBlog 412AmandaKristenBlog 420AmandaKristenBlog 423AmandaKristenBlog 425AmandaKristenBlog 437AmandaKristenBlog 439AmandaKristenBlog 442AmandaKristenBlog 443AmandaKristenBlog 450AmandaKristenBlog 451AmandaKristenBlog 455

Kristen’s finery: lots of Etsy and self made magic
Kristen’s makeup: Sandra Roche
Amanda’s Dress: BHLDN
Amanda’s Hair: Jennifer Dees
Master of the Square: Shane Hamilton
Ceremony Interpreter: Rachel St. John
Hotel & Reception Venue: Doubletree Canal Place
First Dance:
Guitarist: Matt Pierce
Vocals: Chris Conway
Interpreter: Chris Grooms
You can view their entire Big Ass Party over at my TTP Gallery
Thanks again everyone.
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3 Weddings and a Photographer

Between driving out to the New Orleans airport to fly out to Rochester, New York for the Tub Time With Tate show reception opening and returning last night, we booked three weddings! No big deal.

Haha, no way. That’s such a big deal for me. I still get humbled when a couple chooses me to photograph their special day. It’s nothing but an honor and I am just so fortunate I get to make money doing it.

Jeff & Taryn / September 26, 2014

Brett & Jennifer / May 15, 2015

Aimee & Erin / June 13, 2015


Thanks again to all.


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Brooke & Zack : New Orleans

A Valentine’s Day blog entry!!!!! What ‘s better to post from TTP other than a wedding photo post!:)

Brooke & Zack’s wedding day was nothing but amazing. We had so much fun hanging out with them both, and their family/friends.

We also got to work with our buddies, Nick & Tessa of NLE (Nicholas Landry Events), so that was extra sweet. We met Brooke first a few weeks before her wedding actually while she was selling her Renu Jewelry line during the NOLA Fashion Week events. She does some amazing stuff!

Here are some of my favorite images from Brooke & Zack’s day.

Thanks again y’all!

BZWedding 2BZWedding 3BZWedding 4BZWedding 11BZWedding 12BZWedding 13BZWedding 15BZWedding 20BZWedding 28BZWedding 45BZWedding 46BZWedding 47BZWedding 49BZWedding 53BZWedding 55BZWedding 60BZWedding 64BZWedding 76BZWedding 80BZWedding 81BZWedding 88BZWedding 99BZWedding 115BZWedding 117BZWedding 141BZWedding 142BZWedding 143BZWedding 149BZWedding 150BZWedding 153BZWedding 156BZWedding 157BZWedding 163BZWedding 164BZWedding 167BZWedding 172BZWedding 178BZWedding 181BZWedding 185BZWedding 186BZWedding 187BZWedding 204BZWedding 213BZWedding 217BZWedding 219BZWedding 224BZWedding 233BZWedding 241BZWedding 244BZWedding 246BZWedding 265BZWedding 266BZWedding 272BZWedding 276BZWedding 283BZWedding 285BZWedding 290BZWedding 292BZWedding 297BZWedding 299BZWedding 303BZWedding 313BZWedding 320BZWedding 328BZWedding 338BZWedding 344BZWedding 348BZWedding 360BZWedding 363BZWedding 368BZWedding 382BZWedding 385BZWedding 392BZWedding 397BZWedding 398BZWedding 406BZWedding 408BZWedding 412BZWedding 417BZWedding 421BZWedding 424BZWedding 430BZWedding 431BZWedding 434BZWedding 440BZWedding 441BZWedding 442BZWedding 443

Venue : The Elms Mansion

Hotel : The Hotel Modern

Event Planner : Nicholas Landry Events

Brooke’s Dress : BHLDN

Zack’s Suit : Topman

Bridesmaids : Free People (NOLA store)

Groomsmen : They all wore their own.

Jewlery/Ties/Brooke’s jewelry  : Vintage off Magazine Street in NOLA

Shoes : Vintage off Ebay (an Italian label)

Wedding Cake : Chez RuRene Bakery

Groom’s Cake : Intoxicakes

Band : Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band

Flowers -: Zack’s aunt, Carol Saucier

Officiant : Jim Morrison

Photographer : Tate Tullier

Thank you so much everyone! You can check out the rest of their photos at my TTP Gallery!

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